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Three Common Landscape Lighting Questions

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Home Entrance With Pond

You work hard and often to make sure that your Knoxville home’s landscape is as attractive as possible. So why let that landscape disappear each night when the sun sets?

Landscape lighting is a great way to keep your landscape visible during the dark hours, and often to make it look even better than it does during the day. You don’t need to let your hard work fade away each night: an outdoor lighting scheme can enhance and accentuate the most attractive parts of your landscape.

Under-lit trees, a subtle light wash over your garden—landscape lighting has endless options. And at EDI Design Group, LLC , we know that an artful design is just as important—if not more important than—the mechanical aspects of the job. Our professionals can work with you to make sure that both aspects of the work are done perfectly.

Landscape lighting can do a lot for you home and your yard. Here are some questions you may want to consider before beginning the project:

Should You Hire a Professional, or Do the Job Yourself?

When deciding whether or not you need a professional to do this job, ask yourself what kind of results you want to achieve.

Landscape lighting can be a job that a Knoxville homeowner could tackle on their own—but if you’re looking for professional results, you’ll have to hire a professional. You could most likely set up a few stand-alone lighting fixtures (with their own limited power sources) in your yard as a weekend project. And for some homeowners, that’s all you’d need.

If you’re looking for a stunning and artful landscape lighting design, however, you’ll need to hire a professional. Our landscape designers can make sure that your outdoor lighting installation is an enhancement of your current landscape, and your entire home. We’ll also be able to connect all of your lighting fixtures to a singular power source, which you’ll be able to control from inside your home.

Is it Better to Pay More for LED Lights?

LED bulbs are around $40 each, while regular halogen bulbs may go for only around $5. They also have “cooler temperatures,” which means that they may appear to emit a bluish light, so many homeowners try to find LED bulbs that are modified to have warmer temperatures.

The main positive argument for LED lights is that they can be used for around 40,000 hours before they’ll need to be replace. With regular use, you can count on the bulbs lasting 20 years—ten times as long as standard light bulbs.

What Should Your Landscape Lighting Scheme Focus On?

There are three things you want to make sure are incorporated into your landscape lighting design:

  • Safety,

  • Security, and

  • Sophistication

You’ll want to make sure the electrical work is done perfectly to avoid any hazards. And your lighting setup should light areas near entryways, porches, and patios. But it can also help you achieve a more aesthetic goal. Lighting trees, pieces of artwork, stone paths, or any other exterior features you’d like to accentuate can be an excellent addition to your home.