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Our Landscape Design Services

Your East Tennessee home’s landscape is a crucial and essential part of its appearance. So when you hire EDI Design Group, LLC for any landscaping work, we’ll always be ready to make sure that you’re receiving the best craftsmanship possible. We work directly with our clients on the design of every project, and our professional landscapers always make sure that the installations are done properly and professionally.

Custom Landscape Designs and Installations

Custom-Landscape-DesignAt EDI Design Group, LLC , we work to design landscapes specifically for our clients, so we work with our clients closely and directly on every design. A redesigned and well-maintained landscape will increase your home’s resale value, make your home more enjoyable, and create a significantly more attractive space. When you’re looking to create a new landscape, you can rely on our professional landscape designers.



Formal Gardens & Bird Sanctuaries

formal-garden-knoxvilleFormal gardens and bird sanctuaries are a great use of a landscape for anyone who appreciates animal life and plant life, and the aesthetics that those things can offer to a landscape design. Both of these features are wonderful additions to your East Tennessee home. Our professional landscape designers can work with you on the design of each of these, making sure that you’re getting exactly what you need from our service.



Hardscaping Designs

hardscaping-design-knoxvillePatios, fire pits, garden walls, planters, and outdoor kitchens are only a few of the things can hardscaping can create for your home. When they’re creatively combined with a rich landscape design, they can create a beautiful outdoor living area. Our professional landscape designers can create hardscaping that matches perfectly with home’s architecture, and that adds to and enhances your current landscape design.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Landscape-Design-AthensYour landscape is one of the most attractive parts of your East Tennessee home, and you work hard and often to keep it that way—so why let it disappear every evening at sunset? Our landscape lighting services can make sure that your landscape is not only seen at night, but seen in a more attractive light than ever.


Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking stove, Landscape-Design-imageWhen you live in a place like Knoxville or Chattanooga, you want to take full advantage of the mild to warm weather that we get for most of the year, and an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to ensure that you’re enjoying your yard as much as possible. Whether you want to add a full service kitchen outside of your home, complete with plumbing and gas lines, or you’re just looking to put in a grill with some permanent counter space, our professionals can help. We’ll help you take full advantage of your landscape, building you the most attractive, manageable, and inviting.


Specialized Landscape Maintenance

A gardener trimming hedge with trimmer machine, Landscape-Design-photoNo matter what sort of your landscape you have or what kind of features it boasts, the professionals at EDI Design Group, LLC can make sure that it’s properly maintained and always in excellent condition with our specialized landscape maintenance services. We know what an important part of your East Tennessee home your landscape is, and making sure that every part of that landscape is properly maintained is a priority.


Water Gardens & Water Features

EDIDesignGroup_090314_WEB-109, Landscape-DesignWater gardens—also known as aquatic gardens—are man-made water features, like ponds, waterfalls, or even fountains, that are primarily used to grow or display aquatic plants. Whether you’re looking for a pond, stream garden, or just a fountain for your yard, the professionals at EDI Design Group, LLC will be ready and eager to take care of the job.


If you’re looking for professional landscape design services in the Knoxville or Chattanooga areas, call EDI Design Group, LLC today at 423-745-4491, or fill out our online request form.